Trying to stay in

I am trying to keep healthy and keep up with Go Fit Girl! I am not doing a good job of either. But I am trying.
Last week I only worked out twice. This week so far three times–3 yoga classes.
And this whole work thing gets in the way of my exercise and sometimes of making good food decisions–esp. with all the free food around here!
I have given up on eating healthy until next Tuesday. Last week started out great and then I just went down hill with cake and parties at work, then Reno, etc. This coming weekend I am heading to Florida to visit my friend Kate and meet her baby. It is so hard to eat healthy when traveling–esp. at airports. Options are very limited.
So even though this is horrible, I am pretty much giving in to most temptations knowing that Tuesday it is back on the wagon for me. I need to lose about 5 pounds to be back at my goal weight. I know I can do it. I lost 30+ before, so 5 is nothing.