Are you OK, Ann?

So when you haven’t been to spin class in two months the first class can be pretty tough. Hell, that class is always tough for me. Usually when Jennifer, my spin teacher, checks on me, which is almost every class, she comes over to me to ask if I am OK. But not yesterday, she yells it into the microphone.
Anyway, so yes, I finally went back to spin. Over the past week I clocked in four workouts. Not too shabby: elliptical; workout at home on stepper; yoga class; Saturday spin, abs/core & body conditioning.
I have also decided to put myself back on the WW meal plan. I thought I could just eat healthy without monitoring my food intake. Problem is I have no accountability so I was also eating crap: chips, candy, way too many snacks at work.
Since I am back to tracking my food I tend to eat less crap since I have to write it down. It is truly amazing how that keeps you much more honest and healthy.
I want to lose about 5 pounds to be back to my goal weight. Shouldn’t be too difficult to do.