Homemade smoothie

I decided to take a crack at making a healthy smoothie at home.
(Too much of anything can be bad–just an FYI.)
On Saturday I made a simple smoothie. Half a cup of orange juice, half a banana, and not quite a cup of frozen strawberries. Throw all in a blender. Yum!
On Day 2 I made a smoothie with a half cup of orange juice, the other half of the banana, and a cup of fresh strawberries, which I froze. It was harder to blend because of the honker frozen strawberries. But I think the second one was much better.
Frozen or freezing your berries is a great way to keep it thick and cold especially if you don’t have ice. And we never have ice at home–unless we are having a party.
The only negative is that I have to drag out the blender and then wash it.