Guest Post: Jen C.

Tuesday marked a big celebration for my company — we received some slightly good economic news in this bleak financial climate. And what better way to celebrate than with an artery-clogging, tummy-bulge-building, greasy, grimy, tempting and oh-so-delicious pile of food (Krispy Kreme and Domino’s, to be exact)?
These temptations seem to be all around, not just lately and not just at work.
It’s Day Two of my “getting back on track,” after months of on-again-off-again dieting and so-called life-changing meal plans. I fell off the wagon some time in November, when an injury prevented me from stepping foot in the gym.
A family emergency kept me from working out again at the beginning of this year. And personnel problems at my gym have had me jumping from one personal trainer to another — five different trainers in four months. All that time, I was eating whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted it. Not good news for the waist-line or the scale.
But now I’d truly like to get back on track.
I know I’ve been wasting my time at the gym (sometimes as many as 6-8 hours a week) by allowing myself to overeat and eat the wrong things. I’m sick of spending so much time exercising and seeing negative results.
So I’m giving it the old college try.
Yesterday I walked right past the doughnuts and pizza to buy a Diet Dr. Pepper. I packed my lunch and snacks and pre-made my dinners for the week. I worked out with my newest trainer on Monday and made it to the 5:30 a.m. bikram yoga this morning.
The newest trainer’s mantra seems to be “it’s hard work.” Now it’s time to get the work done. Lucky for me, it’s also time for my afternoon snack! 😉
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