Day of Rest

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2009-05-03 20:45 +0000

Sundays are my regular day to take off from working out. I had an opportunity to have “fun” and do some cardio. But I decided to pass.
I attended Lexie’s birthday party today at an ice skating rink in Oakland. I was a maybe in the skating department. And I ended up being a no. I played some games, hung out with Cooper, chatted it up with Mia and Todd and Mia’s stepmom, Mary. It was fun and chilly.
I wasn’t able to go to my Friday evening Yoga class because I had to stay late at work. Bummer. Oh well, that does happen from time to time.
I try to make sure that my workouts are a priority in my life. But sometimes other things in life take precedence and I have to accept that.