Damn, spin was hard!

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2009-05-02 20:09 +0000

Spin class was tough today. That class is always tough. But today was a lot harder, I think due to the humidity.
Last week I told some of my fellow classmates that I thought they were liars when Jennifer, spin instructor, asks how we are doing and they respond, good! great! So today the first time she asked she said, Ann! How are you doing? So in my happiest voice with my biggest smile I yelled, GOOD!
I decided that today I was going to get back on track in the food department. So far so good on Day 1.
I made another homemade smoothie, which was quite good. I also included blueberries along with orange juice, banana and frozen strawberries. Yum!
Had a healthy dinner tonight of sushi with Curt and our friend David (he’s really cute!). I did have a beer or so. The guys at Sushiya supply us with more beer than we order.