Simplicity, patience, compassion

Today we had a sub, Ken, in yoga. Our regular Mon/Wed a.m. teacher, Sarah, is off getting married/honeymooning for the next few weeks.
Ken teaches the Saturday late morning yoga class. I have seen him before but never taken his class.
I really liked his style. He had us holding some poses for a long time: My burning thighs!
During our initial meditation he talked about how yoga encompasses simplicity, patience and compassion. I really like that.
He also had us set an intention for our practice. Suraya, another of my regular yoga teachers, has us set an intention at the beginning of our practice.
I like the idea of setting an intention. Sometimes I do something for myself. Sometimes for someone else, maybe someone who needs a little extra support. Today I set my intention for some friends who just recently lost a family member suddenly.