Wedding survival

Curt and I are attending two weddings this month.
On Saturday I put myself back on plan and want to lose about 7 pounds. With upcoming weddings that is going to be a challenge for me.
But, hey, I did lose weight over Thanksgiving and Christmas a couple of years ago, for a total weight loss of about 30 pounds. So I know anything is possible.
I get the daily (or almost daily?) Weight Watchers e-mails with tips and stories. Today had an article titled, Wedding Guest Survival Guide.
There were tips from real people about how to prepare for the appetizers, drinks, cake, etc.
I will definitely be doing a lot of dancing–so I will be burning some calories. I will make sure to have a sensible lunch and not go to the wedding hungry.
One of tips I really liked was to scan all the appetizers first and then decide what you want to eat.
One person suggested bringing your own snack. I am not sure how I would feel walking around with carrots in my purse. 🙂
I will stick with wine–fewer calories than beer. And as long as I am not tipsy I would maintain decent judgement when stuffing my face with yummy food.
Anyone else have tips they want to share?