Eating Chinese food … healthy

Friday night Curt and I went out to dinner with some friends, Cyrus and Becky and Monica and Malcolm.
I hadn’t “planned” on eating out Friday night. But I wanted to hang out with my friends. So before we even went to the restaurant I figured out what I was going to have for dinner. Steamed veggies and rice. It is filling and good for you.
And yea, it is a little tough to eat that when others are having some really good smelling and looking stuff. But I was determined. I added a little soy sauce and some hot sauce and I was just fine.
I had some yummy tasting bread when we got there. Heard rave reviews from the friends. And a glass of wine. Afterward I was full–but not stuffed and I felt good about what I ate.
I am determined to get back to my goal weight and I will.
Today was my weigh-in day. And I totally forgot to weigh-in. I realized when I was at lunch and I was having sushi and soy sauce makes me retain water like crazy. And my morning was so crazy, messed up computer and crazy stuff going on I just forgot. I am going to start calendaring it–though that, of course, only works when your computer at work is … working.