Spin=3 times in one week

So my goal for at least the past month has been to go to spin three times and yoga three times in a single week. And this is the week I did it.
Monday, Wednesday, Friday was yoga–fairly common. Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday was spin–not so common.
I am really proud of myself for being able to achieve my goal. Usually just life (which really means work) gets in the way of me making that goal. But I do my best.
I was only going to attend spin today and then ditch abs and body conditioning–one hour of torture instead of the usual two on Saturdays.
We are leaving shortly for a birthday party and I didn’t want to feel rushed. But while in spin I convinced myself that I should go to the second hour of torture because I know I will be eating good food and drinking booze. So I will feel less guilty about it. 🙂
Anyway, now I am showered and dressed and just about ready to go to the party. Oh, I almost forget to mention there is gonna be a jumpy castle at this party. More exercise, which is actually fun. And Mia has assured me we will have adult jump! Schweet!