Yummy, easy, healthy dinner

Curt and I had salad, veggies and grilled chicken for dinner.
Salad in a bag, we each have one we like. We eat that pretty regularly.
I grabbed a can of veggies from the pantry–not fresh, but that’s OK. (Not everything can be super fresh–I work and am tired when I get home from work. I want quick and easy.)
I marinated two chicken breasts in fat free Italian dressing. (Got the Italian dressing tip from my mother-in-law.) I probably marinated too long–so when cooking the chicken I had to cook longer than normal–the outside cooked much faster than the inside.
Cooked the chicken on the George Foreman grill. Man, that thing cooks easily and quickly. We cook beef, chicken and fish on the grill.
In the cooking class we took last week Julie mentioned that you really shouldn’t marinate your meat longer than an hour. I knew that for dinner tonight … Oh well. Lesson learned. The chicken was still rather tasty, just a little tough.
Anyway, it was a good dinner and rather healthy.