Seriously Chevys?

I had lunch today with Mia at Chevys. It is close and convenient. And I was happy to share a lunch date with my good friend.
But Chevys is anything but healthy. I went to look at the menu ahead of time to get an idea of what to order for lunch. (Always a good idea to plan ahead, especially when eating out.)
I went to the site and clicked on nutritional information and found this: … Due to the fresh nature of our recipes, specifications for the preparation of our items can vary based on the variances of the fresh products. As such, we are unable to provide detailed information (ingredients/nutritional analysis) for every item we serve.
I am sorry, but that is BS! They have some of their menu nutritional information listed. It is unbelievable the fat, calories and sodium content this stuff has.  There is no reason fajitas need to have so much fat and calories or salads for that matter.
While at lunch I asked our server if he had nutritional information available for me to take with me. He let me take the little thing that sits at the table. It has more information than the Web site, but not everything on the menu.
Let’s just say the information on there is shocking and scary.
For lunch I had water to drink, no chips, which are brought to the table. I had the homemade tortilla soup without tortilla strips and without cheese, which came to 333 calories and 13 grams of fat. The mixed baby greens salad had 81 calories and 3 grams of fat. And yes, these are the healthier items on the menu.
I almost got the Farmers’ Market Quesadilla, which one would think wouldn’t be so bad. I mean it is a tortilla and cheese (the bad parts) and veggies. Nope, it is 1,590 calories and 104 grams of fat. That is insane! Those veggies must soak in lard for a year before being cooked with the cheese and tortilla.
So the lesson is, seriously know what you are eating (especially while eating out) before you put it in your mouth.