Simple, healthy dinner

I defrosted two chicken breasts for dinner tonight. When I got home from the gym I threw them in a baggie with some fat free Italian dressing (tip from my mother-in-law) and let them marinate. I let them marinate for about 45 minutes and then cooked them on the George Foreman grill.
Julie, from our cooking class, Cooking with Julie, said you really shouldn’t marinate anything longer than an hour. Last time I did the chicken marinated in the dressing I had it together for at least 24 hours. Way too long. The marinade or dressing or whatever you use will start to cook your meat. So when I grilled the chicken it came out dry and took longer to cook because the outside was ready, but the center wasn’t.
Today it was perfect.
Along with the chicken I had green beans and salad. Curt had some bread and butter and green beans with his chicken. It was a yummy, filling rather healthy dinner. And it was easy to make. That is what I like. I am busy and I come home from work and or the gym tired. But I want something healthy, too. So this was a perfect dinner to make and eat.