Yummy, cool, refreshing low-calorie snack/dessert

Usually after dinner or sometime in the evening Curt and I like to have “an ice cream.”
We normally buy the Skinny Cows no sugar added, which are pretty yummy and pretty good when it comes to calories, fat and they actually have fiber.
I am trying to minimize my dairy intake, which is really tough. But I think I may be lactose intolerant. I haven’t completely eliminated. I mean, I love cheese!
Anyway, I recently started buying (for myself) Dreyer’s Fruit Bars. The “regular” small ones in the variety pack are 60 calories. Last week when I was at the grocery I noticed they also had the fruit bars with no sugar added. I decided to try them. They are still pretty tasty and satisfy my sweet treat at night with 25 calories (according to the box) and 30 calories according to the Web site.
And I could have sworn the others I had were 45 calories on the box. But the Web site says 60. Oh well, either way they are decent in the calorie count and are a nice treat whenever you want.