Dreyer's Fruit Bars vs. Popsicle Ice Pops

I have been trying out different treat/snacks lately. Since it is almost summer here I have been having more ice cream.
I had the regular Dreyer’s Fruit Bars and I had the sugar-free Dreyer’s Fruit Bars. And last night I tried the sugar-free Popsicle Ice Pops.
The SF Dreyer’s are 25 calories. They are really tasty. And taste like they have real fruit.
The SF Popsicle’s are 15 calories. They are fairly tasty. But they fall apart easily. Twice last night I had chunks fall off. So I guess I just have to be careful when I eat them.
I think I like the Dreyer’s better. But I do like that the Popsicle’s are lower in calories.