Challenging week ahead

For most of this month I have been pretty on track when it comes to what I am eating and how often I am going to the gym. I am proud to say that lately I have been hitting my target of going to the gym six times a week.
Not even just this week … but the next month or so will bring some challenges: Family visiting two weekends in a row and then Curt and I taking off for Europe for two weeks. Lots of eating out and work will be a little more demanding trying to tie up loose ends before I take off.
This week is gonna alter some of my healthy routine. Tomorrow and Tuesday I have training in the city. So no gym and it means I will be eating lunch “out.” I will do my best in the food department. No gym for two days isn’t that big of a deal. I have my mini stepper I can do at home. I have my dumb bells and elastic band (which I just got at Target today in the dollar section for $2.50). And there are so many exercises you can do with no equipment at all.
Thursday evening I have something planned, so that means no spin. (No spin on Tuesday either.) I thought about doing yoga Wednesday morning and then taking the evening spin class. I realize I must be nuts and that likely won’t happen. So I think Thursday will call for at least a walk.