Yes yoga or no yoga?


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2010-01-29 20:17 +0000

So I found out today that my morning yoga classes at this point do NOT have a replacement teacher.
The teacher who took over for January never indicated to the class that he wasn’t permanent. So that is frustrating. And the fact that the teacher in charge of all teachers at the gym is struggling to find a replacement is even more frustrating–though I don’t fault her whatsoever.
My teacher, Sarah, who quit in December had told the gym she could teach through January. But they found someone who could start teaching the beginning of the year so Sarah was gone … but apparently that was conditional.
So do I go to yoga Monday? If I do and there is not class I should be prepared to have to take another class later that day.
I like my workout sked: 3 days of spin; 3 days or yoga; with a sprinkle of abs/core and body conditioning.
I still don’t know what my plan is for Monday. Stay tuned …