Comfort food

This morning I went to the grocery to get this coming week’s food and to make a big pot of soup, enchiladas, rice and beans.
Unfortunately last week one of our friends lost his mother. In times like these it is hard to know what to do or what to say.
So we say we care, we are here for you, we love you, we are sorry … with food. Mexican comfort food. I make what I know well, what my mother taught me.
So this morning I started the big pot of Zesty Tomato-Thyme Soup. Then the enchiladas, rice and beans. The soup is mostly for me (about 45 or so calories per cup). But I did make extra soup to take over to our friend’s house sometime this week.
For the past week I have been working hard to make healthier food choices. So it was a little odd to be cooking deliciously unhealthy comfort food for someone else. Normally I probably would have made two batches of enchiladas–keep one for Curt and me.
But instead today I had soup for lunch …