A cold needs rest

Last Friday I started getting a chest thing and a slight cough. I was in denial and told myself it was allergies. When I woke up Saturday I knew it wasn’t allergies, it was a chest cold.
I didn’t go to the gym. Instead I went to work and worked on some files. Once I came home I lounged while watching movies and knitting.
Sunday morning I felt a little crappy. Did my regular grocery shopping. Curt and ran an errand and had lunch. By the time we got home I was exhausted and took a nap. The rest of the evening was lounging, movie watching and knitting. I decided that night I wouldn’t go into work the next day.
Monday was lounging, movie watching, knitting and a little work filing. By Monday evening my chest cold became a full on cold. Tuesday was lounging, movie watching, knitting and one work call.
When I woke up Wednesday morning I was so tired. But I had to at least show up for work for a bit. I went in for about 5 hours. Then I came home and it was lounging, movie watching and knitting. (Yes, getting a little stir crazy.)
Today I felt even better. Went to work and worked almost a full day. Left a little before 4 p.m. And came home for some lounging, movie watching and knitting.
I have been drinking tons of tea, sometimes spiked with a little rum.
When I am sick I don’t bother tracking food and counting Points® or calories. My appetite is fine. Though besides the rum I don’t crave any other alcohol–except Nyquil. And I have been eating a lot of peanut butter. Not really sure why. I love peanut butter regardless. And I am normally a smooth peanut butter girl. But I have been getting into the crunchy.
For lunch today I had matzo ball soup. It was really good. I will be having the same thing tomorrow.
My congestion is getting less … congested. I still have a horrid cough. And now I have the nasty sore throat. But I am getting better and feeling a little better. Though no one would know, I sound horrible. I have the very horse (maybe sexy) voice going on.
I am doing my best to take it easy as much as possible. I know that is what is best for me … even if I do have a ton of work to do before going on vacation in two weeks!!!! (I can’t wait!)