Comment Contest Tuesday

So … no one took advantage of the extra Comment Contest Tuesday entries. I am guessing that I have been writing a post every day for the past week and not a single person has read any of them. Oh well. You can now redeem yourself. (Though you can no longer participate in the Early Bird Comment Contest Tuesday. That ended yesterday.)
So today’s Comment Contest Tuesday idea came from Curt, The Husband.
What are your excuses for not sticking to your diet/exercise plan, healthy way of living, healthy lifestyle?
I have many … long hours at work; someone is in town; I am out of town; too many parties; I messed up yesterday so this week is shot; I really wanted to eat that; I haven’t gone to the grocery store; forgot my gym bag; free food at work (and a lot of it); meeting at work ran over; sick; too tired …
To participate in Comment Contest Tuesday answer the above question in the comments below. You can comment as much as you like. The comment has to be relevant to the actual question. Up to three comments will be counted. In other words, you can comment five times, but your name will be put in the hat three times for the drawing of the winner. Make sense? Winner and prize will be announced on Monday.
You have until Friday at noon (my time) to comment away. You have to comment in the comments on Go Fit Girl! I won’t accept e-mails, comments on Facebook, etc.
OK, comment away. I can’t wait to hear all your crazy and even funny excuses and maybe even some legit ones.