New yoga love: Forrest Yoga

Tonight I attended a class at my neighborhood yoga studio called Forrest Yoga.  Forrest Yoga was new to me. But it was an amazing class.
We really focused on our breathing and really getting into the pose. The room was heated, which helps you get deeper into your muscles, stretches and poses. We focused on Ujjayi breath, which is described like this: The Ujjayi Breath basically consists of inhaling and exhaling through the nose. You are supposed to make a noise (like Darth Vader) with the back of the throat during the exhalation, at this site.
My work schedule is changing a bit and I think I will be able to get this class more regularly into my workout schedule. I love the yoga class at the gym–I really love the teacher. But this class is a much better and intense workout. Plus I will be working from home on Fridays and it will be more convenient to walk down the street than get in the car and drive to the gym.
What I also like about the class is the instructor really took the time to spend time with each student throughout the class and help us get into the pose more deeply or more correctly. I love when the teachers want to make adjustments on their students.
After yoga class I had a text from Curt saying he was at McNally’s having a beer. So I walked over there and had a beer with him before we came home.