Making brown rice

My friend and reader Karen asked me a question couple of months ago. And I am finally answering it.
Karen wanted to know how I keep my rice fresh after making a week’s worth in my rice cooker. I bought a cheap rice cooker at Target and I have definitely used it worth every penny and more. (It also steams veggies.)
At the beginning of the week I make about 4 cups of brown rice. It goes into a Tupperware-like container in the fridge. When I steam veggies or make veggie/shrimp stir fry I get out some cold rice. I add a little bit of water and pop into the microwave for a minute.
I add my veggies or stir fry to my nuked rice, which seems almost fresh to my taste buds.
I can’t guarantee how fresh the rice actually is. But it tastes fresh and good and works for me. It takes a long time to make rice. Plus it is also difficult to make a small portion of rice every day.