My intention, energy are with Dorothy

What you can do: Call the Syrian Embassy in D.C. (202-232-6316, ext. 139) to politely press for Dorothy's release. E-mail: or

For those of you who don’t follow me on my personal blog, Twitter or Facebook you haven’t heard me talk about my friend Dorothy.
Dorothy is a journalist friend of mine who traveled to Syria last Friday to cover the events happening there. She was detained by the Syrian government and her family has not heard from her since she landed.
Tonight I practiced Forrest Yoga at Namaste near my house. When I was setting my intention today I focused it on Dorothy. And I really worked on my breathing today. In Forrest Yoga you focus a lot on ujjai breath. That technique of breathing can be very powerful. I could feel the intensity today. This week and last week I started noticing myself being able to maintain ujjai breath while in inhaled as well, which is more difficult than when exhaling.
I was also able to feel some emotions during the practice. That was really intense and overwhelming but in a good way. Kristin, the instructor, reminded us to let out our emotions during our practice. It is an amazing feeling.
Dorothy, you are in my thoughts every day. Please come home and come home safely.
If you want to do something to help Dorothy come home, check out any of the links I have added to this post or see the photo above with information.