Fresh garden salad

Rinsed lettuce from the garden.

For dinner tonight I had the second half of my leftover lunch from yesterday, which was chicken and hummus from a delicious restaurant, Ali Baba, in South San Francisco. I decided to toss the pita, as I didn’t really need the extra calories.
Instead I made a simple salad: lettuce, tomatoes and mushrooms. I used the lettuce from our garden. It was nice and crispy and yummy.
The salad was delicious, nutritious and filing. It was the perfect complement to my hummus and chicken.
Eventually we will have tomatoes, asparagus, broccoli and herbs from our garden. Hopefully we will also have edamame and Brussels sprouts. Those are the experiments, so who knows. Sometimes our experiments work: crookneck squash; and sometimes they don’t work: eggplant.
I love veggies. There is hardly a veggie I have met that I don’t like. I steam a lot of my veggies, season them and serve over brown rice. Filling, delicious and good for me (and you)!