Hey, you look nice today

Yesterday at work one of my co-workers commented to me about my great shape. She told me that it didn’t look like I had lost 3o pounds. I thanked her for the compliment.
A lot of time when people who didn’t know me before I lost weight find out that I did they seem shocked that I was able to have 30 extra pounds on my body. I assure them that I did.
I ran errands on my lunch break today and hit Target. When the young lady was checking me out she looked straight into my eyes and told me I had beautiful eyes. I said, thank you! And then I told her I loved her eye makeup. It was super fun and funky. She told me she would trade her makeup for my eyes.
Anyway, it is always nice to hear compliments. It can make a person’s day, especially if they are having a bad day or a hard time. If I notice someone has cute or awesome shoes I always tell them. To me it is natural to compliment someone whether it is what the are wearing, how they look, something they did or said … (I pretty much don’t compliment people on how they smell since I can’t stand smelly lotions, perfumes, aftershaves, etc. I have a high sensitivity to those type of smells and I can get a raging headache along with feeling nauseated. It sucks!)