Yoga is constantly challenging me

Ann in Pigeon Pose. This is another pose I have recently made some major strides in. I am able to get deeper into this pose.

I attended my regular Friday night Forrest Yoga class. Man, that class is intense. Such an amazing and sweaty workout. I made some new discoveries with my practice today. While in Dolphin Pose, Kristin gives us the option to do Dolphin and then two variations of Dolphin, each a level higher than the next. I usually just choose to do Dolphin as that pose is pretty intense. But today I decided to try Dolphin with one leg up in the air. It felt good.
There are times when the instructors show the class a pose and then ask the students do it. Most of the time they are rather challenging and I scoff at them–especially the arm balances. But today I took on the more advanced Dolphin.
And I recently felt confident enough to attempt Bird of Paradise. We usually start in a lunge while in the bind and then step the back foot forward and then bring the other foot up. Of course, I don’t look like the woman in the link I provided. I am at about Step 4 in that pose series. We did that pose tonight as well. I am so happy with myself that I recently attempted this pose.
With yoga I always feel challenged and like I have so much further to go.