Unplanned hiatus is done

Dinner tonight consisted of marinated chicken breasts, sweet corn and fresh lettuce (with a little crumbly cheese) from the garden.

Go Fit Girl! was on a mini unplanned hiatus. But no worries. I am back!
I have been trying to keep my calories in check. I have been doing OK.
Exercise was OK, except for the past three days. But today I started back up with a Hatha Yoga class. And it was a great and fun class as Baxter’s classes always are.
In class, we experimented with some standing poses that I had never done before. They seemed to be modified asanas. And they were amazing openers.
Baxter also had us set an intention and asked that we focus it on someone we knew who needed it as he was setting his for a friend having surgery. This is something I tend to do quite often. I set mine today for a friend who needs it.
When I came home from class, Curt and I prepared a fairly healthy and quite yummy dinner. I marinated chicken breasts in light Italian dressing and then cooked them up in the George Foreman grill. We heated up some corn and made a salad with lettuce from our garden. Curt added a little bit of delicious and creamy cheese he got at the market in our neighborhood to that salad. And that was dinner.