Getting the stink out of my yoga mat

My stinky yoga mat in a crocheted yoga bag my friend Breanne made for me.

Recently in yoga as I was lying on my stomach with my forehead to my mat I noticed that it didn’t smell so great. I hate to admit this, but I am pretty sure I have never washed it.
I should at least use some disinfectant wipes on it. Which I, of course, never think of until I am lying face down on it.
I heard someone one time in class talking about how they washed their yoga mat and then they couldn’t use it for a while because it was still drying. At the yoga studio you can rent a mat for $1. And they seem pretty clean. At the gym, they have mats you can use. But they are pretty nasty. At least my yoga mat is my own nastiness.
So, disinfectant wipes are better than nothing, right? I went to that magic page of Google and asked how one cleans their yoga mat.
Here are some ways:
Wai Lana Yoga tells you why (and how) you should clean your yoga mat.
Daily Cup of Yoga talks about the stinky mat. And the introduction pretty much sounds like the experience I have with my mat at times. OK, after reading this: “In fact, in the six years I’ve practiced yoga, I’m ashamed to say that I’ve never cleaned it once. That’s just gross!” I don’t feel so bad. Daily Cup of Yoga did their own research on mat cleaning, which you can read from the link above.
EHow takes a natural cleaning approach with baking soda.
I haven’t found any site that says you can clean with the wipes, but I haven’t found anywhere that says you can’t. This site talks about special wipes, which I haven’t seen at my yoga studio. I am thinking I should just throw it in the washing machine and let it air dry. I have until Wednesday’s Hatha Yoga class.
Oh man, this site says you can use wipes: If you use disinfecting wipes to touch up your mat, make sure they are non-alcoholic and non-solvent. And you shouldn’t throw in the washing machine.
Well, I decided to chance it and I just threw my mat into the washing machine. I will let you know later if I am pulling tiny blue pieces of rubber mat out of the washer.