Helping build self-esteem, fitness

As some of my readers may know I am a big advocate of helping others by supporting a variety of charities. From food banks, to animals, to hometown charities, to alma mater scholarship programs, to helping others who just need a little more help in life and many more.
My husband and I are fortunate enough to be in a position to help others on occasion. We do it for a variety of reasons: it feels good, we like supporting certain organizations, it is our duty and obligation as human beings, and the selfish part: we don’t have a house or kids, so we gotta do something to offset those taxes.
Anyway, Jen, my friend, fellow Go Fit Girl! and one of my biggest advocates and supporters, and I were talking about supporting a kids’ charity, which focuses on exercise or healthy living or fitness.
I did some research and found Girls on the Run International. I like this program because it focuses on girls, their self-esteem, healthy living and fitness while also working on making them well-rounded individuals.
Jen and I made a donation to this organization. I encourage my readers to find something they are passionate about and support–whether through monetary donations, your time, non-monetary donations, etc.