Veggie munching, summertime grillin'

Add a little something to your crunchy carrots ... try a dollop of Greek yogurt.

In most parts of the country it is unofficially summer. Except where I live … in the Bay Area. It has been like winter around here: cool, rainy, wet, windy, not sunny.
So I am guessing my readers from everywhere except here have already done some grilling, been to a barbecue or are planning one very soon.
I have figured out a few ways to make those summer barbecues a little less scary when it comes to caloric intake.
When invited to a barbecue I have been known to take my own food with me to grill. A portobello mushroom is a great burger substitute. When you put the mushroom on the grill all the juices come out and it is absolutely delicious. The portobello is a meaty mushroom.
Boca burgers or Morningstar burgers work as well. I personally prefer the mushroom over the “fake” burgers.
I have also taken my own bread before. Two slices of Sara Lee Delightfuls are only 90 calories. Oroweat Sandwich Thins are 100 calories and are a good bun substitute.
For snacks you can have crunchy veggies with salsa or a little ranch or hummus or whatever. I talked about crunchy veggies and salsa last week.
You can also try a little Greek yogurt with your veggies. I was recently having some baby carrots for a snack and I wanted a little something more. I put a dollop of Greek yogurt on my plate and it added a little flavor to my carrots.
I love Greek yogurt as is (it’s almost–but not quite–like sour cream) or sweetened with a little honey or some cut up fruit with a little Splenda.
Along with your meat or munchies at your barbecue you probably want a beer. I know I do. I used to turn my nose to the light beers. But I have to say Corona Light works for me. And it is only 105 calories. Add a slice of lime and it pretty much like the real deal.