Gettin' sweaty for the holiday

Ann in a high lunge.

For the holiday, Namaste had just one class today. The normal Monday 10 a.m. class was held today, which I can’t normally attend because of that work thing. It was Power Vinyasa.
Wow, I thought the Forrest Yoga class on Friday was hot and sweaty. But class today was the sweatiest yoga class I have taken.
It was a good class. There was a lot of movement and it was tough. Those are the best kind of classes.
Now I can eat my tacos and drink my beer later with less guilt. 🙂 (The parents of one of our friends who recently got engaged is having an engagement party later today. No barbecue today–but tacos. We are OK with that. Yum!)
Today marks Day 13 of exercise in a row. Let’s see how long I can go before I break the trend. I do believe you need a day off from exercise. And I do strive to work out 4-6 times a week, always hoping for 6 times a week with a day off. But I feel good with my schedule right now.