Sweaty Friday evening & Saturday, Sunday mornings

On my mat at the yoga studio ... getting ready for class to start.

Since getting back from vacation I got back to my exercise routine pretty quickly. The careful caloric intake came on the following week and I think I have done pretty OK this past week.
The past 12 days I have exercised. And I don’t see myself stopping anytime soon, though I am sure something will come up.
Friday evening I went to my regular Forrest Yoga class. That class is normally a pretty sweaty class. The class on Friday was the sweatiest yoga class I have ever taken. Wooo!
Saturday was my regular two hours at the gym: spin; abs/core; and body conditioning. That’s always a tough and hard workout with lots of sweat. Lately by abs I am already starving from all the calorie burning.
Today Vinyasa Yoga class was pretty small. It is summer, it is a holiday weekend and it was a gorgeous day. But I try to keep with my routine. If it is a gorgeous day it’s not like I am gonna go for a hike or a bike ride. I will, however, sit outside at Barclay’s with Curt and have brunch and a beer.
But class today was a good, hot, hard and sweaty class. The classes that put a little heat on really help your muscles warm up, allow you to release more toxins and burn more calories.
After class I came home and took a quick shower. And then met Curt at Barclay’s for beer and brunch.