Seasonings save me almost every time

My "tuna salad" for dinner tonight. Easy to make, delicious and filling.

I indulged at lunch today. So I am trying to keep it simple and low calorie for dinner.
For dinner tonight, I am having “tuna salad.”
Some Spring Mix Greens went on a plate. In a separate bowl I dumped a can of light drained tuna, which was stored in water, not oil. In the bowl of tuna I added some garlic (I like to buy the crushed garlic in a jar), a small tomato from our garden, salt, pepper, Kick’n Chicken and onion powder. (The onion powder was a mistake buy about a month ago. It ended up being a great seasoning mistake.)
I dumped the tuna on top of the mixed greens and spritzed with Ranch Salad Spritzer.
The best part of this meal is all the seasonings I added. My staples are the crushed garlic in a jar, crushed pepper, salt, Kick’n Chicken and onion powder.