Pesky arm waddle

Me and my arm waddle.

I had a different post in mind for today. I did a lot of research. But still actually need to organize thoughts, research and get it written down.
Then something came up at the gym today and I am going to write about that instead. I love when that happens. To me that means that there is so much to write about the ideas and thoughts aren’t coming anywhere near an end.
There were only four of us in the body conditioning class today, four students and Jenn, the teacher.
Somehow as we were setting up for class we started talking about the arm waddle. We all had it at varying degrees–some much, much smaller than others. We all vary in age and weight and we still all had it. Someone said you need to start working the triceps before you get a certain age. Almost every woman I know has it in some form, no matter age, weight or even toned arms! Julia mentioned it was our muscle. I didn’t realize muscle hangs and dangles.
We jokingly talked about how the gym needs to get some Shake Weights for us to work the waddles.
We did do a lot of tricep work today for our waddles. I asked Jenn later if that was planned ahead of time or if we did more tricep work because of the early conversation. It was confirmed that we did more waddle work because of what we were talking about.
I decided to do a search on Google for waddle on upper arm just to see what was out there. The first link I clicked on I found to be rather rude. It mentioned that the upper arm waddle is an unsightly eyesore that people are rightly ashamed of. OK, how rude. So I stopped reading. I don’t care how great the advice or exercises are on there.
This link gives three good exercises for your triceps. For me, I think the first one is the hardest and the best. But they are all good. There also are some tips on healthy eating.
The Fitness Motivation Monitor has two more great exercises you can use to tone triceps.
This final link for today has a 10-minute video to show you how to sexify your arms. The exercises are great for your arms and easy to do on your own. At least half the exercises have some sort of focus on triceps.