Strengthening wrists with various exercises

Yup, I'm THAT lady, the bag lady. Purse, work bag and gym bag usually accompany me to work.

Yesterday right before yoga I noticed that my left wrist was hurting. I don’t remember doing anything in particular to it to make it ache. But I am a klutz and run into things and forget that I did.
For example, I have a bruise on top of my right foot. I have no idea or recollection on how I received that bruise.
I am also the bag lady when it comes to transporting to and from work. Since I don’t drive to work anymore I need EVERYTHING. So I usually have my purse, work bag (with laptop) and gym bag. On Wednesdays I don’t normally have the gym bag as I go to yoga in the neighborhood after work.
Anyway, yesterday I only had the purse and the work bag. But I still coulda grabbed one of my bags weird or awkwardly and hurt my wrist.
I was worried that the hurt wrist would make problems while practicing yoga, especially duringĀ Downward Facing Dog. I only noticed it a few times during my practice. I made adjustments to take the pressure off my wrist and make the pose more comfortable when needed.

Wrist stretches found on: wristexe.jpg

The point of this post is … there are exercises you can do to help with strained, overused, tired wrists. I already knew a few on my own. But I decided to do a little research, which entailed me going to Google and typing in wrist exercises. And I, of course, got a ton of hits.
I have tendonitis in my right wrist. So that is usually the one that used overused or ends up hurting.
The photo to the right has some great wrist stretches. This YouTube video has a good routine with dumb bells to strengthen wrists.
Here’s a link with a diagram on wrist strengthening exercises.
Everything I have posted seems to be helpful. But there is a lot of stuff out there, which you can find on your own easily and quickly.