Birthday weekend celebration

Enjoying my brunch and mimosa in Calistoga on my 37th.

I spent my birthday weekend in Napa. There was lots of good food eaten and wine drank and beer and mimosas.
After spin class on Saturday Curt and I headed up to the Napa Valley. We had lunch at our favorite Italian restaurant. There were wine tastings at Mumm and Andretti, where I am a member. So all the tastings I want.
There was dinner (yea for mac and cheese!) and beers and brunch and mimosas. And more beer at McNally’s and sushi and beer to end the weekend.
I took today off for a mental health day. I spent the morning lounging and then headed to the noon spin class, which used to be a regular class for me before my company moved.
I almost skipped spin today to keep the lazy on. But I knew I would regret not going.
Four other regulars, plus, of course, Jenn, were there and all of those I consider good  friends. We were all chatty and having a good time right before and as class started.
I just felt happy and in a great mood. Not something I normally feel when at spin or really exercising in general. It was a nice feeling.
OK, spin is always tough and at the end of each class I always wonder how I get through class. But I do. But today was especially hard. It was so humid outside. For some reason it rained today. It’s only October. It’s not rainy season yet. We had the fans going and the door open and it was so hard and humid and bleh.
I took today off as an extended birthday weekend (for my birthday and just a break from work and all the craziness going on right now). So I treated myself to a massage. Wow, Thanh is a miracle worker. I felt like a noodle afterward. I just came home and vegged on the couch with the furbaby.