Opening, balancing within

The high lunge was part of our Vinyasa Flow tonight ... with eyes closed.

I attended my regular Hatha Yoga class with Baxter tonight. I really look forward to that class. He makes yoga fun while making us laugh.
His class isn’t as intense as the other classes I take. But that’s OK. Variety is good. And don’t get me wrong, I am still working.
Tonight Baxter asked us to try our Vinyasa Flow with our eyes closed. I am normally not steady with my eyes closed. But I went with it. Eventually Baxter had us hold some poses with our eyes closed as well. Such as Triangle,Warrior II, Side Angle and Reverse Warrior.
Baxter had us hold the poses and make adjustments and keep balance internally instead of relying on what we normally rely on. It was definitely a challenge to maintain balance (something I struggle with even with my eyes open). But I appreciated the practice of it.
When something new is proposed in class or a pose I find difficult or dislike (such as Happy Baby) ┬áis asked of by the instructor I have recently tried to adjust my attitude or feelings toward it and stay open and appreciate it. It’s a works in progress …