Having fun with shoes

These are just some of my shoes. But many of my favorites. I love having fun, pretty, cute, sassy shoes.

I love shoes. I love fun shoes, cute shoes, pretty shoes, comfy shoes, sassy shoes.
Most of the time when it comes to shoes I believe in fashion over comfort. But not always.
If I know I am going to walking around in the city (San Francisco) a lot I have to have comfy shoes on. I can’t walk for miles up hill in some obnoxious heels. So that is when I wear the Dr. Martens or Skechers.
(I also make sure I have flip flops or Fast Flats when I need a break from the heels. At work I keep a pair of tennis shoes and flip flops in my drawer in case I need them.)
I am also into making sure I have some decent shoes when it comes to exercise. I have my Asics, my clip shoes for when I spin and my barefeet for yoga.
Anyway, I was never really into shoes. After I lost weight and pretty much got a new wardrobe I realized I needed shoes to go with all my new cute clothes. In our neighborhood there is a shoe store called Tootsies. I LOVE shopping there! It can be dangerous.
Now I just love shoes. Sometimes shoes can make or break an outfit. I am going to contradict myself here: I also hate wearing shoes. I would much rather be barefoot or in socks than actually wearing shoes.
But shoes are kinda essential. So they might as well be cute, right? I love having fun, pretty, cute, sassy shoes. Sometimes they can really hurt or be uncomfortable. And who knows what kind of damage I am doing to my feet. But they look good …