The worst shoes for your feet

My 4 to 4 1/2 inch heels, which look great but are not comfortable or really safe. Somehow I have actually danced in these things.

My friend Amy recently shared this article with me. The article has pictures of various shoes and a paragraph or two explaining the issues withthe type of shoe. (Information for this post came from the above mentioned article.)
According to the article, ultra high heels can lead to ankle sprains and chronic pain. I have a pair of shoes that are 4-4 12 inches, pictured to the left. I usually can’t wear them too long. I do sit most of the time at work. So that helps. But forget it if I need to run or even walk quickly. Though somehow I have danced in those things. Many types of heels can also lead to blisters, swelling, bursitis, even pain in the Achilles tendon. Yuck! That doesn’t sound fun. I have definitely had blisters and swelling.
Heels definitely create an unnatural position for your foot. Think Barbie feet. Stress and hairline fractures … Ouch!
Lower heels are better for your feet. The article states that going no higher than 2 inches is best and even that should be in moderation.
Heels can=ankle sprain. I have to say I have definitely been close to a heel ankle sprain. I am a stumbling idiot without heels. So don’t get me started when I am actually wear heels–low or high.

My more sensible heels, which are all wedges. (Along with a sensible pumpkin beer.)

Apparently stilettos are the most risky as you are pinpointed in one area. I have to say, though, the stilettos I have are one of the easiest heels to wear and walk in. I feel rather stable in them.
Chunky heels are much more stable. I don’t have any chunky heels. But I am really into the cute wedge heels. They seem pretty stable and easy to walk in.
Geez! Ballet flats aren’t great either. But you know, there is no support whatsoever. Inserts can definitely help ease some of the pain from flats or even heels.
I love my flip flops. But those shoes give no support. But they are so comfy and easy.
Oh yes, the stylish pointy toe shoes. I only have one pair. They are red and fun and usually get at least one compliment every time I wear them. They squeeze your toes together. Though I don’t feel toe pain in my pointy shoes. According to the article, pointy shoes can cause nerve pain, bunions, blisters, hammertoes and even bruises under the toe nails. Argh!
Wrong shoe size: Oh man, I am guilty of this. I will find shoes I really like and they don’t have it in my size. If they are half a size too small I will cram my feet in there. If they are too big I have ways to make them fit better. Heel inserts are great.
Some other issues, pain, uglies from heels can be: bunions, toe deformities. I would think the sprained ankles and foot fractures would be enough to scare me and others away.
I probably wear heels 3-4 times a week. I tend to wear flats once, maybe twice. I usually work from home one day a week–so that means no shoes. Weekends I am wearing tennis shoes, spin shoes, no shoes (for yoga) and usually comfies: Uggs or flip flops or Skechers or Dr. Martens.
_The research for this post came from this WebMD article._