Picking out a good pair of athletic shoes

I love my new Asics.

Years ago I went to a store that specifically sold athletic shoes. The woman who helped me measured my foot and asked me what I mostly needed them for. Was I a walker, runner, what kind of exercise did I do?
From what I told her she came up with an athletic shoe that was right for me. These are the Asics she recommended for me.
I also have a pair of clip shoes I wear, which I purchased at REI. Mine are blue. I love wearing clip shoes while spinning. Before I had clip shoes my feet would fall asleep and I would get foot cramps almost every class. Now I just get the sleeping foot and foot cramp only once in awhile.
And I have the barefeet for yoga. No measuring or purchasing required. (Just maybe a pedi now and then.)
I recently bought a new pair of tennis shoes. I am sorry and sad to say I didn’t do any research. And they didn’t have the same style I bought previously. I just went to the store and got a recommendation from the kid selling them. The shoes I got are Asics. I really like that brand and think it is great for my feet. These are the shoes I purchased.
He also recommended some insoles, which I bought but haven’t actually used yet. Yea, I know.
My shoes are fairly stable and seem to be a good fit for my needs. The stability of my Asics is on the inside of my foot. My last shoes had the same stability. From what I read about pronation here, I appear to be an underpronator.
This is a great guide to buying Asics. I highly recommend this shoe.
This article explains the five biggest mistakes when buying exercise shoes. It explains how and what you should do and not do when buying shoes for exercise. It is important for your feet and you.