Don't throw out (or compost) those seeds

Getting ready to roast some pumpkin seeds and enjoy with a pumpkin beer.

I carved my pumpkins yesterday. I also saved the pumpkin seeds so I could roast them.
I essentially followed this recipe.  I used seasonings I have at home: salt, pepper, onion powder, Kickin Chicken and I sprayed the cookie sheets with Pam.
The hardest part about preparing homemade pumpkin seeds is getting the pumpkin pulp off.
According to this web site one cup of pumpkin seeds is 285 calories and 12 grams of fat. No fiber, but 12 grams of protein in a cup. But really, who is gonna have a whole cup of pumpkin seeds? That’s a lot of seeds.
Making pumpkin seeds at home is fairly easy. I am not one to want to be in the kitchen or enjoy spending time in the kitchen. But I do like roasting my seeds at this time of the year. Probably because it is so easy. And they are yummy!
Happy Halloween! (Time to get ready for our trick-or-treaters. Candy, glow in the dark bracelets and even more fun stuff for kids who can’t have candy.)