Keeping yourself hydrated is important

Be good and drink your water!

I drink a lot of water. So when I slack on the H2O my body notices it pretty quickly.
It is important for me to keep up my water intake. It’s best if I drink 64 ounces, which is eight servings. Sometimes I only get six servings in, 48 ounces.
On Friday night Curt and I met an out of town friend (and many of his friends) at the Latin American Club, which serves some famously strong margaritas.
When I ordered the first round I also ordered a glass of water. The No. 1 rule when drinking is moderation, of course, but also for every alcoholic beverage have a glass of water. Those margaritas are big and strong.
Eventually I ditched the water. I kinda just forgot about it. I had two margaritas. At some point we headed out to get something to eat. For some reason I decided to have a beer with my late dinner.
I seriously planned to go to spin the next day. I woke up Saturday at about 7:30. I was so dehydrated and had a headache. And I just felt really tired.
I don’t like to exercise when I am severely dehydrated. I just don’t think it is healthy or safe.
So I ditched the gym and instead slept in. I needed the sleep.
The causes of dehydration can be minimal to serious. If you want to read more about dehydration, such as the symptoms, how to reverse dehydration, causes and other things related to dehydration, you should go here.