How to survive Black Friday: Just don't do it

Does this look like fun to you? Yea, not to me. Photo provided by:

I have to say each year I get more disgusted by the idea of Black Friday, the commercials, the greed associated with Christmas.
Years ago with both sides of our families we decided to stop giving each other Christmas presents. No one needs anything. And really, a new candle or CD or shirt or whatever–we can all get those ourselves. So instead we give money to charity.
The stress of having to buy the perfect gift is eliminated; battling those crazy crowds … gone; spending money on something someone may or may not like … goodbye; never getting an acknowledgement or thank you for a gift you purchased … buh-bye; worrying about your Christmas shopping budget … adios.
The joy, pride and sense of being a good human being you get from giving to someone who really needs something: food, clothes, a new backpack, toys (when they aren’t normally under the tree), school supplies, healthcare, a home, education, pajamas, books, etc.) is the most amazing feeling and makes you feel like a better person. To me, that is the true meaning of Christmas.
More and more I reflect on the fact that there are so many people in this country and the world who don’t have the basics needs that every human should have: food, clothing, shelter, education, health care, sense of pride and confidence of who they are. It’s sad that there are so many who don’t have that.

Here's a picture of an Angel Tree I mentioned, which are set up at the mall. Photo provided by: /files/black-friday-mobs.png

Those of us who are more fortunate have the power to change that.
So seriously think about helping someone this Christmas. Even just pulling one angel off the tree at the mall while doing your Christmas shopping will help.
And how you will feel afterward will make it all worth it.
Stay healthy this holiday season. Don’t over do it with the shopping or spending money–that will just stress you out and make you miserable and possibly sick.
Be careful with the goodies and yummy and sugary and high alcoholic beverages and possibly the parties where you will be having these goodies and drinks. And find a charity you believe in and donate or volunteer your time. That will be the best gift you can give yourself.