Giving love to my lower back

Supported Bridge pose is one of my favorite and regular poses.

My friend Jen mentioned on Facebook yesterday that her lower back was bothering her after a ski outing. I recommended trying supported Bridge pose with a block.
I have recurring low back pain. Probably due to over use, kyphosis and bad posture.
So before every yoga class I do supported Bridge with a block. It is amazing how just a few minutes in this pose makes my back feel so much better.
I was pretty busy today. So when I got to my morning Vinyasa class my back was throbbing. So for about 10 minutes before class started I put myself into supported Bridge pose.
Near the end of class we practice Wheel pose. I skipped it and just did supported Bridge. Oh man, I was in heaven and was melting into it. After that we did savasana. I was ready for a nap when I got home. But there was too much to do.
This evening I attended Restorative yoga class. I debated on if I should go since I wanted to nap. But I figured I could always nap during class. I also did supported Bridge before class started. A lot of the poses we did in class really helped relief my back pain.
*\**Cleanse Update***
I am almost through Day 5 of my super cleanse.
Yesterday our upstairs neighbors had a party. I was there for three hours and only had water. There was lots of good booze and oh man, amazing food. I had enough will power to not try anything. But I really wanted to.
Right now I am having my green smoothie for dinner. And I have to say this is getting difficult. This is the first smoothie that has kinda put a speed bump in my journey. I will get through this. But it isn’t easy. After this smoothie I just have two days to go.