A raw deal

If only I were as cute as this teddy when I am sick. http://theoffbeatreport.com/

Last night I struggled to eat my dinner green smoothie. But I ate it.
This morning I cracked open my breakfast green smoothie. And it just tasted gross. I took about 10 bites and I just couldn’t do it. So I ditched it and had an apple and banana for breakfast. My goal was to keep it raw.
About 11:30 I cracked open my lunch smoothie. Ugh! I couldn’t do it. I decided that that was it. I was done.
I went downstairs to get a salad and soup for lunch.
I thought about trying my dinner smoothie tonight. But the idea of eating green goopey lawnmower pulp makes me ill.
I did my two transition days. And I did three full days of three smoothies for three meals. I am proud I got that far. I am still disappointed that I couldn’t complete the full seven days.
I think the most impressive part about my cleanse is that I went to our upstairs neighbors’ party for three hours and didn’t eat or drink anything except water. It was tough, but I was determined.
Oh yea, I haven’t mentioned that I am sick … again! Just three weeks after I got over my 2-week cold. And BAM! Now I have some chest thing. At first I thought the slightly scratchy throat and congestion over the weekend was just the toxins leaving my body. But today I was convinced that I have a cold. Booo!
As soon as this post is uploaded and on to Twitter and Facebook I am taking a shot of NyQuil and hitting the sack.