Being grateful

My company also participates in charity walks. My participation was a virtual walk, which on a Sunday included yoga, gardening and a beer at the bar.

I work for a pharmaceuticals company. One which focuses on developing therapies for the treatment of cancer.
In the almost seven years that I have worked there I have learned so much. My focus has always been in the Legal department.
I went from being a temp to an admin to a patent administrator to what I am today: Sr. Patent Paralegal & Trademark Administrator.
Even though I do deal with patents, patents for drugs that can save people’s lives, sometimes I feel disconnected from the real reason I come to work every day.
Today a multiple myeloma patient came with his wife to tell us their story.
I love that my company occasionally brings patients to us and reminds us why and what we do every day no matter what is important.
Their story was sad, touching, powerful, strong, funny and humbling. I took many things from their story today.
But the one thing that I keep remembering is be thankful just to wake up today, tomorrow …
Seems so simple, yet so powerful.