Staying healthy with regular doctor's visits

This is a re-enactment photo of me in the doctor's office waiting room.

Today I visited my doctor for my annual check-up. I was there about three weeks ago for my annual visit. But my doctor had a family emergency so I had to reschedule.
I usually have my appointment in the morning. But today was an afternoon appointment. I had to wait almost a half an hour just to get in the little room.
But once I was in the little room the nurse immediately took my weight, height, blood pressure and asked me the normal questions.
The doctor was in there within minutes of the nurse stepping out.
I had 10-15 minutes today with Dr. Fiscella. In that time she managed to perform my exam, chat me up about my allergies, my weird shoulder, exercise, my cholesterol and past and future travel plans.
I see her once (maybe twice) a year and she remembers that I like to travel. She is well-traveled herself. So I love to hear her stories and talk to her about places we have been and plan to see.
I really like Dr. Fiscella. I like her staff and her nurse practitioners. Everyone seems genuinely kind and happy to work there.
It all made it worth waiting the half an hour.
On Friday is my 6-month dentist appointment. And at the end of March is my annual eye exam.
The point of this post is being healthy and fit also includes making sure we all regularly visit the doctor, dentist, eye doctor, etc.