GFG! and her yoga props

Ready for yoga with my block, strap, blanket, water and towel.

My usual yoga props for most yoga classes is a blanket, block and strap.
If a teacher requires something else, such as an extra block, a bolster, sand bag, I am more than happy to grab as well.
Oh, and an eye pillow is great for Restorative yoga and savasana. In a pinch, I use my towel or strap.
Today Ashley asked us to grab a blanket, block and strap. That was perfect for me because I already had all the props I needed.
Someone had grabbed extra blocks and handed one to another student yogi. I over heard that yogi say, I don’t like to use props.
I found that to be rather odd.
Some people think using a prop makes you a beginner or that the pose is made easier. Yoga should not be competitive with others or even yourself. And there are times no matter how advanced you are where props are required.
I like to use the blanket to sit on during meditation at the beginning and end of class. Sometimes I use it for padding under my knees. I also use it for a pillow during savasana.
The block I regularly use before class even starts for supported bridge pose. I also sometimes use it for Triangle pose or Half Moon pose.
The strap I use for one side of a shoulder stretch. It is interesting how one side can be more open than the other. I also use it for leg stretches and leg stretches with a twist.