My fungi dinner

My portobello dinner on the second night.

Last night I experimented with portobello mushrooms, avocados, soyrizo and a few other ingredients.
My friend James recently told me about an experiment he made in the kitchen and it sounded delicious.
I tried to remember everything he told me and changed mine up a little as well.
I took two portobello mushrooms and placed them on a cookie sheet. I sliced up grape tomatoes (which would have been yummier had they been sweeter) and placed them under the mushrooms. (James recommended pico de gallo.)
On top of each mushroom I placed 14 of one of the soyrizo casings. I sliced half an avocado and placed it on top of the soyrizo. Then a little cheddar cheese and last, ripped up a piece of Sara Lee Delightful wheat slice as bread crumbs.
I baked in the oven. I started at 350 and that seemed to be taking too long. So I upped it to 400. 375 is probably ideal for about 20 minutes or so.
I had the second mushroom tonight for dinner. I think it was even more delicious tonight as the mushroom had marinated in its own juices over night.
The only change I would make is add a little more seasonings. Even just a little salt and pepper will do the trick.