Dates are sweet, great alternative to candy

Dates are delicious, have fiber and can be a great and much healthier alternative to candy.

It has been about 13 days since I had a piece of candy.
This quitting candy for 39 days has been a lot easier than I thought it would be.
And I have to say that the candy bowl, which sits on my desk, has really not been that alluring. I look at it and I know I can’t have it and I am OK with that.
Last week when I checked with Jessica she said quitting candy for Lent has been easy so far as well.
Though we both have noticed that we seem to have the munchies more lately and we wonder if it is because we have cut out a decent amount of sweets.
(I seriously don’t know how someone could cut out all sweets, even if the item is made with Splenda or some other sweetner.)
The other day I wanted something sweet. So I had a few dates. Dates are good and sweet with some fiber as well.
I mentioned the dates to Jessica. We also discussed hot chocolate curbing a sweet craving or even prunes.
And the Peanut Butter Balls I made over the weekend could also work a sweet tooth.